Friday, February 3, 2012


Life's been crazy, what with writing an entire graphic novel script in three weeks (for grad school) and working full-time, but once the script was emailed out, I had a brief moment to do some artwork. Since it's almost valentine's day, I decided to work on some ideas for a rubber block print. I find rubber block prints to be very fast and fun for me to produce, yet there's still a sculptural aspect to making them that I really enjoy.

Here's the very rough sketchbook page with Valentine's day ideas:

Before I started carving the Valentine's image, I found this image that I'd drawn, but not finished carving. As a warm-up I finished carving and printed a proof. I really like this image. Someday, I'd like to have the time to develop both 3-d illustrated picturebooks and one done in prints. I use rubber because it carves easily (minimizing hand injuries). The only drawback is that it wears down quickly when you pint, and can print far fewer images than with linoleum.

Look for the Valentine's day image on Valentine's day!

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